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The following fundamental beliefs shape our behavior at Ruby Bus. They help us to explain why and how our principles are important to us, and place in a wider context the values expressed in Ruby Bus's performance through people-oriented policy.    

We are committed to undertake honest practices and maintain consistently high ethical standards in all our business dealings.     

We believe that effective business relationships, both inside and outside the company are possible only with optimum levels of trust between the parties.

Wherever possible, we will strive to be open and straightforward, while recognizing that in complicated business arrangements it is not always pragmatic to be transparent in all matters.     

We will seek to play our full role in stimulating the sharing of information, knowledge, experience and skills, both within the company and where appropriate, externally.    

Depending on value-enhancing work between our complementary businesses, teamwork and common causes pervades all our activities.     

Research and Development
We have qualified designers and draughtsman designing and developing new prototypes. Equipped with Auto CAD and modern design concepts we ensure that all details are verified before actually putting them into production.    

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