About Us

Ruby Bus Pvt. Ltd. has been a part of the Indian Bus Body Building industry since 1947, with offices in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. We employ about 300 people and have the capacity and infrastructure to produce 1000 bus bodies per annum.

The advancement in design, plant and machinery, the installation, and the production as well as the development of the new products and process is executed with the help of professionals and technical staff.

Ruby Bus, being one of the few organized players in the industry, having a state-of-the-art plant equipped with large production facility, has emerged as one of the major manufacturers of buses which cater to both indigenous demands as well as export requirements.

It is the endeavor of the company to continuously develop and train its personnel to be able to assimilate emerging trends in the industry and face the challenges for future development.

Ruby Bus Pvt. Ltd. stands as a leader in India, in the fields of design, production and marketing of buses and coaches. As a result of significant research and customer input, design capability and new product development capability we have received repeated orders from export segment.

Ruby has taken another step in complete vehicle kit supply. We have successfully dispatched over 700 vehicle kits for 3 different models, and have the capability to engineer changes that are required, at a fast pace.

Ruby has been awarded Best Quality Award from Ashok Leyland amongst all body builders in the fully built solution.

  • Vision

    To provide quality buses at a competitive price, ensuring the shortest delivery time and maximize customers’ satisfaction.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to continuously improve our design and delivery capabilities to provide ever improving solutions to the customers.

  • Values

    To redefine the way people travel by bus in India and be a market leader in the passenger transport segment in terms of quality, timely delivery and accountability.

Pankaj Kapashi

Managing Director - Ruby Bus Pvt. Ltd.


We are committed to undertake honest practices and maintain consistently high ethical standards in all our business dealings.


We believe that effective business relationships, both inside and outside the company are possible only with optimum levels of trust between the parties.


Wherever possible, we will strive to be open and straightforward, while recognizing that in complicated business arrangements it is not always pragmatic to be transparent in all matters.

CIRT Certification

The Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT) has certified that Ruby Bus Pvt. Ltd. has maintained all the requirements claimed in its application and therefore the Certificate of Renewal of Accreditation of Bus Body Builder has been released.